About SEAnet

The Southeast Asia Digital Library actively solicits new contributions to its repository and website. We invite individual scholars and institutions possessing digital materials shedding light on Southeast Asia to share them with researchers, teachers, students, and other web users around the world, and ensure their long-term preservation, by making use of the SEADL’s technical infrastructure. SEAnet, an outreach program initiated by the Southeast Asia Digital Library, provides an opportunity to use a secure, online upload utility to forward potential submissions to SEADL for review by project staff members and affiliated scholars.

This review process will ensure that spurious or inappropriate materials are not included in the project repository and web site. Individuals and institutions sharing resources via the Southeast Asia Digital Library receive recognition via the “Featured Contributor” section of the web site’s front page and a list of “Participating Institutions,” presented under the “About SEADL” heading on that page’s main toolbar.

The SEADL will consider materials that might contribute to teaching, learning, and research about Southeast Asia. Prominent examples of submitted resources might include copyright-cleared scholarly work in PDF format; photographs, videos, or sound recordings produced in the course of scholarly research; printed volumes or documents held in libraries or private collections; or collections of “gray literature” such as technical reports and white papers, produced by organizations.

The SEADL stores its collection of digital objects, and makes them available to the public on the web, using a technical infrastructure consisting of Fedora Commons, a general purpose, open-source digital object repository system; Drupal, an open-source content management system, and Islandora, an open-source module enabling Fedora Commons and Drupal to work together.

Please contact the Project co-directors for further information
Drew E. Vandecreek drew@niu.edu
Hao Phan hphan@niu.edu