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General InformationGovernment Institutions
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
    This website contains information regarding strategy and plans, commodities, and law. Some links can't be opened. 2-11-2010.
  • Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Vietnam
    Site contains information regarding activities and culture. English link is available.
  • Ministry of Education and Training
    The site offers an overview of educational opportunities, scholarship information, schools, and colleges. There is also a summary of the book "Vietnam Education and Training Directory," which is an important guide to Vietnam's educational system. There are several links that are unable at this time including: resources, conferences, educational problems. The "about us" link is fairly comprehensive.
  • Ministry of Finance
    Information on financial policies, legal documents on financial issues, state budget disclosure, international intregation, and ministry of finance projects. The site also includes a list of links to other SEA countries ministries.
  • Ministry of Health
    Page appears to be under construction. It contains only two links in English: a brief statement on health policy, and a news page which is available but contains no information at the moment.
  • Ministry of Post and Telematics
    The Ministry of Posts and Telematics of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam is the state administration in charge of policy-making and regulatory matters in posts, telecommunications, information technology, electronics, internet, radio transmission and emission techniques, radio-frequency management and national information infrastructure, management of public services as well as of control over, on behalf of Government and as stipulated by laws and regulations, the state capital in posts, telecommunications and information technology enterprises. Website somehow limited, but enough information to get started.
  • Ministry of Planning and Investment
    The Ministry of Planning and Investment is a government agency which is charged with the role of state management over the domain of planning and investment, that consists of: providing comprehensive advice on the country-level socio-economic development strategies, programs and plans, on economic management mechanisms and policies for the national economy and for specific sectors, on domestic and foreign investments, industrial and export-processing zones, on management of official development assistance (in short ODA) sources, national-wide control of procurement, enterprises, business registration. The Ministry is also entrusted with exercising the role of state management over public services provided in sectors belonging to the Ministry's mandate under valid legislation. Comprehensive site, with thorough links and information.
  • Ministry of Industry and Trade
    Contains information and links regarding foreign trade offices, local trade departments, and the commitee for international cooperation. Thorough site, though it has a couple of spelling mistakes.
  • Ministry of Transport
    Site mostly is in Vietnamese. English link is available, but it provides limited information.
  • Directorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality
    Directorate oversees quality of products assuring high quality on all consumer products, including testing. Website available in Vietnamese and English.
  • The National Assembly
    Site related to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Includes info. on the president of the National Assembly, the constitution of the Socialist Republic, and the deputies of the national assembly. There is also a brief presentation of the history of Vietnam and the National Assembly, as well as photos of assembly sessions. Very comprehensive website.
LanguageTeaching AidsE-JournalHistory, Culture and Religion
  • Journey of Body, Mind and Spirit: Vietname, by the American Museum of Natural History
    This website contains narrative text elements of the Vietnamese life. It is a part of the exhibition presented by the American Museum of Natural History.
  • Vietnam: Yesterday and Today
    This website provides information related to the Vietnam War. It contains contents and topics of publications which are important for the understanding of the Vietnamese conflicts.
    This website provides information about arts, architecture, literature, music and history of Vietnam.
  • The Tay Son Rebellion Web Site
    This website provides sources and information about the movements and events happened in Vietnam between 1771 and 1802.
  • Vietnam War Bibliography
    This websites provides a collection of research articles, maps during the Vietnam War and bibliography for further research and study about the Vietnam War.
  • Vietnam Portfolio
    This website provides digital images taken in Vietnam in 1969 by E. Kenneth Hoffman who was a First Lieutenant in charge of a photo detachment. Pictures are classified into different categories such as children, Montagnard tribemen, military, Vietnamese people and shrine.
  • World Heritage Road, Vietnam
    This website provides information of historical places in Vietnam that are listed as the heritage sites of the world.
  • Art of Southeast Asia
    This website contains information about the arts and culture of Southeast Asia especially Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam.
  • The Wars for Vietnam: 1945 – 1975
    This site contains documents and links related to Vietnam War and America’s involvement in Vietnam during the war.
Political and Social Issues
  • The Communist Party of Vietnam
    This website provides updated news related to the activities of the Communist Party of Vietnam and some archives about the leaders of the Communist Party.
  • Vets with a Mission
    This website provides a history of the Vietnam War and photo archives of the U.S veterans during the war period in Vietnam. It also has initiative programs to heal the relationship among the two nations.
  • Talawas
    An online journal updated daily, based in Germany, focuses on literature, politics, history, and contemporary social issues of Vietnam. Talawas is the most vibrant and important forum of the Vietnamese intellectuals outside and inside of Vietnam.
    This site provides information about human trafficking in East Asia and Pacific. It also contains publications and links related to human trafficking issues.
  • Human Rights Watch
    This website contains news, reports, and publications related to human rights in Vietnam.
  • Nhan Dan
    This is local online news, distributing information closely related to the Communist Party of Vietnam. (Vietnamese and English)
  • Thanh Nien
    This is an online news edition of the Thanh Nien Newspaper in English and Vietnamese. It provides updated news related to politics, business, society, youth, sports, entertainment, travel, health, and news in Vietnam and in the world.
  • Vietnam Journalism
    This site provides local media news in Vietnamese.
  • Vietnam News Agency
    This is an online news edition about politics, diplomacy, society, education, business, finance, culture, sports, science, technology, health and environment. The publication is from Ho Chi Minh City, available in Vietnamese, English, French and Spanish.
  • Vietnam Net
    This website provides online news about politics, business, society, education in Vietnamese and English.
  • Viet Luan Online
    This is an online news in Vietnamese language, distributed from Australia.
  • Vietnam Globe
    This website provides both local and international news in English.
  • Radio Free Asia
    This is an online broadcasting of Radio Free Asia, a special program in Vietnamese.
  • Radio France Internationale
    This is an online broadcasting of the Radio France Internationale, a special program in Vietnamese.
  • Voice of America
    This is an online radio broadcasting of the Voice of America, a special program in Vietnamese.
  • Radio, the Voice of Vietnam (VOV News)
    This is the online news of Vietnam. It provides daily news about politics, economics, society, cultures and sports.
  • ABC Radio Australia
    This is an online radio of the Australia Broadcasting Corporation, a special program in Vietnamese language.
  • BBC in Vietnamese
    This is BBC online news’s special program in Vietnamese language
Digital CollectionsResearch InstitutionsTravel Information
  • Vietnam Tourism
    This website provides an overview of tourist attractions and traveling information in Vietnam.
  • Vietnam National Administration of Tourism
    This is the official website of the Vietnamese government for tourism. It provides news and statistic information of tourism, traveling information to Vietnam and to different attractions inside the country.
  • See Vietnam Now
    This site provides information of tourist attractions and traveling guides in Vietnam.
  • Local Adventures, Indochina
    This site provides information of tourist attractions and traveling guides in Vietnam and Cambodia.
  • Lonely Planet, Vietnam
    The information of tourist attractions and traveling guides in Vietnam can be found in this site.