Historical Archives and Photographs: Cebuano Studies Center, Philippines

In May 2007 Filipino librarians gathered at the University of San Carlos to learn about digitization techniques in a workshop led by Carla Montori, recently retired from the University of Michigan Libraries. The materials available are the product of these participants' efforts in this workshop.

Historical photographs selected from the Cebuano Studies collection at the library of University of San Carlos, depict the landscape and people of the Philippines from late 19th century to 1970s.

Selected masters' thesis from the Filipiniana collection at the library of University of San Carlos, Cebu City, Philippines (with bibliographic information of the theses available in the online catalog of University of San Carlos Library)

Materials digitized under this project:


Virtual Southeast Asia

The Virtual Southeast Asia project is an add-on to the Southeast Asia Digital Library that provides a mapping interface to many of the library’s assets, as opposed to the usual text based, menu driven access.  Using Google maps, the interface allows anyone to view the exact location where each image or other asset was created.  The mapping interface allows for viewing the library’s holdings on the macro level, to see where in Southeast Asia the library’s images were created, and, if desired, allows for drilling down to the micro level to view individual images of sites on the map.  While using the interface, you can also easily move beyond the SEADL to access similar images through Googles vast image holdings.  

The Google map viewer for this project is below:

Materials digitized under this project: