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Pesantren Sabilil Muttaqin (PSM) Takeran Manuscripts

Project Purpose
The main purpose of this Project is to digitize Indonesian Islamic manuscripts, which are preserved in Pesantren Sabilil Muttaqin (PSM) Takeran collection, one of the traditional Islamic education institutions located in East Java.

Currently, the Indonesian old manuscripts are found in a great number, almost tens of thousands, containing much more than literature taken in the narrow sense, they include as well material relating to many other disciplines like religion, history, law, customs, medicine, technology and a lot more. These manuscripts were mostly written between the 18th until 20th century.

One of categories of the Indonesian manuscripts is those related to Islam as one of the most influential religions in the region since centuries ago. Some of the manuscripts are already preserved well in libraries or museums, but some others are still kept in the private collection, which are commonly not well-maintained and difficult to access. One of such collections is manuscripts in PSM Takeran, Magetan, East Java.

The manuscripts in this collection are vulnerable to lost and damage, for the conservation of the manuscripts is not carried out well. That’s why the digitalization of them is so important.

Historical Background of PSM Takeran
Historically speaking, PSM Takeran cannot be separated from K.H. Moh. Ilyas (d. 1317 AH/1899 AD), a local ulama from Banjarsari, Madiun, East Java, who initiated to build a small informal Madrasah in Nglorok, Takeran in the middle of nineteenth century.

After his death, there were several local ulamas who continue to develop this Madrasah, among them are Kyai Hasan Ulama ibn Kyai Kholifah Bogem Ponorogo (d. 1337 AH/1918 AD), a follower of Shattariyah Sufi order in the region, Kyai Imam Muttaqin (d. 1355 AH/1935 AD), and Kyai Imam Mursyid Muttaqin (d. 1948?).

In 16 September 1943, the Madrasah transformed became Pesantren Sabilul Muttaqin (PSM) Takeran, and carried out a more organized curriculum of Islamic teachings for their students. Currently, the leader of PSM Takeran is Kyai Ir. Miratul Mukminin.

PSM Takeran holds tens of Islamic manuscripts due to its role as a basis for spreading traditional Islamic teachings, including Shattariyyah Sufi Order in East Java in the past.

Project Outcome
PSM Takeran has more than 50 manuscripts, mostly in Arabic with Javanese notes or interlinear translation. Initially, this Project has succeeded to digitalize all extent manuscripts. Some of images, however, have damaged due to unintended technical computer problem. Then, the final result of this Project is 37 manuscripts contain 87 titles as described in metadata.

Regarding subject matters, the PSM Takeran manuscript collection mostly deal with Theology, Islamic Jurisprudence, and Sufism. Almost all manuscripts are accompanied by notes or interlinear translation in local language, namely Javanese. It indicated that the manuscripts were used as learning materials by students (santri) in this Pesantren.

This Project is organized by the Center for the Study of Islam and Society (CENSIS) or Pusat Pengkajian Islam dan Masyarakat (PPIM), State Islamic University (UIN) Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta ( in collaboration with PSM Takeran, Magetan, East Java, under the direction of Dr. Oman Fathurahman.

This Project is organized by University of Hawaii at Manoa.