Southeast Asia Region Projects

Berita Database at Ohio University Libraries

Shao Center Database for Publications on Overseas Chinese at Ohio University Libraries: This database contains bibliographic information on publications in different forms (books, serials, periodicals, journal articles, book chapters, and films) on the Chinese Overseas in different parts of the world.

Thai Indexing and Delivery of Full-Text Articles at Thammasat University Libraries

Virtual Southeast Asia

The Virtual Southeast Asia project is a collection of images taken by Cornell University Library staff while in Southeast Asia.  Using those images we looked into creating several add-ons to the project, such as building 3-d models of temples in Vientiane, Laos to add to Google Earth, and creating a mapping interface for SEADL to give a secondary method of access, as opposed to the text based, menus used on the site.  Using Google maps, the interface allows anyone to view the exact location where each image or other asset was created.  The mapping interface allows for viewing the library’s holdings on the macro level, to see where in Southeast Asia the library’s images were created, and, if desired, allows for drilling down to the micro level to view individual images of sites on the map.

The Google Map viewer for this project is below:

Materials digitized under this project: