Brunei: Selected Links

General Information

Government Institutions

  • Ministry of Transport and Infocommunications
    Containing information regarding vision and mission, organizational structure, roles and responsibilities, and strategic plan 2008 – 2017. It also provides information about schedule of cruise, ferry and daily shipping. On line check- in can be done through this website.
  • Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports
    This website contains information regarding vision and mission, structure in the department, activities and the latest news. This site is entirely in Malay. English link is available but can’t be opened. 2-12-2010.
  • Ministry of Defense
    Website providing information regarding Brunei's armed forces, intelligence, services, and military personel training.
  • Ministry of Development
    Website is in Malay. This website contains information regarding regulation and strategic plan and the latest news.
  • Ministry of Education
    Site containing information regarding Brunei's school terms, holidays, exams, educational statistics, and even disease. In addition to news regarding the Minister of education and his personal involvement with the people and their educational goals.
  • Ministry of Finance and Economy
    Website containing information regarding Ministry of Finanace and its departments. State Tender Board, Brunei Currency and Monteray Board, Customs and Exchange, Administration etc.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    Website containing information regarding consular events, foreign policy and trade and economy. The site also includes visa information and advice on traveling from and to Brunei.
  • Ministry of Health
    Page mostly in Malay containing two articles in English regarding Avian Influenza, and Foot, Hand, and Mouth disease. There is also advertisements for jobs for Health personnel.
  • Ministry of Home Affairs
    Site is in Malay. English link is not available. 2-12-2010
  • Ministry of Religious Affairs
    The website is available in Malay and English. The Arab version is under construction.
  • Agriculture and Agrifood Department
    The website provides this summary regarding the Dept. of Agriculture's mission statement and regulations. Our two regulatory functions are to achieve market stabilization and safeguard food safety. In terms of market stabilization, Negara Brunei Darussalam fully abides all international agreements on trade liberalization. We regulate the import of agri-foods and agricultural products to ensure market stability, as well as to avert market-distortion by unscrupulous people. We also protect consumers’ interests and prevent the introduction of dangerous infectious and noxious agents through imports. Our stand on food safety, sanitary and phytosanitary requirements has been consistently stringent. In addition, we have the necessary laboratory facilities to conduct agro-chemical residual analyses and adequate personnel to carry out veterinary inspections.
  • Prime Minister Office
    Prime Minister's Office Vision: Excellent Leadership and Good Governance for National Prosperity and Stability.

    Mission: To enhance the effectiveness of executive decision-making by the Government of His Majesty in the pursuit of excellent leadership and good governance for national security and sustainable development. This will be done in the context of the philosophy of the Malay Muslim Monarchy ('MIB').

    Roles and Functions: To achieve our mission, we will provide:

    Professional and competent policy inputs to the processes of policy making. Effective administrative leadership to all ministries and departments. Effective coordination and facilitation between agencies throughout the Civil Service and with the private sector and the community. Quality information and professional services to key stakeholders in the Prime Minister's Office.



  • Journal of Asian Studies
    This is a website of the Journal of Asian Studies. It contains a wide range of research topics about Asia, and some articles are free for download.

History, Culture and Religion

Political and Social Issues

  • Brunei Nature Society
    This site has online information and links about plants and animals in Brunei/Borneo.
  • Panaga Natural History Society
    This website contains online research articles and publications about natural environment, including wild life and plant within and around Brunei.


    This site contains daily news and news archives of Brunei since January 2003.
  • Brunei Darussalam Newsletter
    This is the monthly official newsletter of the government of Brunei Darussalam. It contains information related to the country’s current affairs, government policies and latest legislations, culture, economy and education.
  • Brunei News.Net
    This website provides both local and international news in English.
  • Media Permata Online
    This site provides daily news of Brunei in Malay language.
  • Pelita Brunei
    This is a weekly official newspaper of the government of Brunei Darussalam.
  • Borneo Bulletin Online
    This website provides both local and international news in English.
  • BBC-Special reports about Brunei
    This is a special news report of the BBC about Brunei.

Digital Collections

Research Institutions

Travel Information

  • Brunei Tourism
    This is the official website of the government of Brunei. It contains information about culture, heritage, nature and photo gallery of attractions in Brunei.
  • Lonely Planet, Brunei
    The information of tourist attractions and traveling guides in Brunei can be foung in this site.