Southeast Asia

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Buddhist Digital Resource Center
The Buddhist Digital Resource Center is dedicated to preserving and sharing Buddhist texts through the union of technology and scholarship.

Southeast Asian Serials on Microfilm at the Library of Congress

This research guide lists periodicals, newspapers, and serials in Southeast Asian and other Asian languages (e.g., Burmese, Malay, Chinese) available in the Asian Reading Room and European languages in the Newspaper and Current Periodical Reading Room.

Research Institutions

Association of Southeast Asia Nation (ASEAN)
This websites contains information about ASEAN countries and region.

Cultivate Understanding
A collection of research materials and multimedia projects supporting environmental and cultural conservation in Southeast Asia.

Open Access Journals

ASEAN Journal of Community Engagement

ASEAN Journal of Community Engagement focuses on community engagement programs and the manuscript is about applied science in community to advance theories, research and practices related to all forms of outreach and engagement. Community engagement means services to society, applying science and technology based on their field, increasing the capacity of society and community empowerment.

Asia - Pacific Biotech News

The goal of the journal is to support a scientific discussion on fundamental and applied issues of international relations with reliance on the Russian school of international relations, which is formed around the problem of overcoming the political, historical and economic opposition of the "West" and "non-West". The journal publishes research articles on the political, economic and historical aspects of international relations. This triple perspective encourages the development of a wide range of disciplinary and methodological approaches to the study of contemporary international relations.

Asia-Pacific Journal of Science and Technology

Asia-Pacific Journal of Science and Technology accepts manuscripts in English of original research as well as review articles in the fields of life sciences and technology which have never been published elsewhere. The main focus of the journal is to publish work that leads to creative practical applications, greener environment, and human well being.

Asia- Pacific Science Education

Asia-Pacific Science Education (APSE) publishes papers examining on-going educational issues associated with science learning and teaching in the Asia-Pacific region as well as research involving Asian students and teacher populations in other areas of the world.

Asia Pacific Scholar

The journal’s areas of focus include: research in medical and health professional education, pedagogical innovations, educational leadership and management.

BIOTROPIA - The Southeast Asian Journal of Tropical Biology

BIOTROPIA, The Southeast Asian Journal of Tropical Biology is a scientific publication of the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) – Southeast Asian Regional Center for Tropical Biology (BIOTROP). It publishes articles in the broad areas of tropical ecosystems and environmental impacts, biodiversity conservation and sustainable development, and environmental and forest biotechnology, covering all aspects of the discipline biology.

Chinese southern diaspora studies

The Centre for the Study of the Chinese Southern Diaspora is the only centre in the southern hemisphere for research on people of Chinese descent in Southeast Asia and the Southwest Pacific. The Centre seeks to stimulate and encourage scholarship that reflects the diversity of and intercourse among areas, cultures and political economies in the region, and contributes critically to the field of knowledge.

DOAJ: Directory of Open Access Journals

Engineering and Applied Science Research

The journal accepts English manuscripts of original research, short communication, technical, and review articles in the fields of engineering and technology, which have never been published elsewhere. Research areas covered by the journal include but not limited to: Civil Engineering, Physical science, Electrical Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Agricultural Engineering, Industrial research, Industrial Engineering, Agro-industry, Mechanical Engineering, Energy, Environmental Engineering, Environment and natural resources, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Computer Engineering, Computer science.

Japanese Journal of Southeast Asian Studies

In 1963 Tonan Ajia Kenkyu was started as a bilingual quarterly journal that reflects the Center for Southeast Asian Studies’ strong commitment to publishing the best of empirically grounded, multidisciplinary and contemporary research in the natural sciences, social sciences and the humanities. In 2012, our center re-launched Southeast Asian Studies, an all-English journal as a sister journal of Tonan Ajia Kenkyu. Intended for a regional as well as global readership, Southeast Asian Studies is published three times a year. In accordance with the launching of new English journal, Tonan Ajia Kenkyu has been reorganized as Japanese biannual journal.

Journal of the Southeast Asian Linguistic Society

JSEALS is the peer-reviewed open-access electronic Journal of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society, devoted to publishing research on the languages of mainland and insular Southeast Asia. It is published continuously online, with each year's papers constituting a single volume. Topics may include descriptive, theoretical, or historical linguistics, dialectology, sociolinguistics, anthropological linguistics, and applied linguistics (e.g., language planning and policy, language pedagogy and acquisition, orthography development and testing, literacy development and acquisition, etc.), among other areas of linguistics of languages of Southeast Asia.

Moussons : Recherches en Sciences Humaines sur l'Asie du Sud-Est = Social Science Research on Southeast Asia

A comparative and interdisciplinary review, Moussons covers all human and social sciences, particularly anthropology, sociology and contemporary history. A biannual review, Moussons publishes articles, research notes and book reviews in both French and English.

Southeast Asian review of English

SARE: Southeast Asian Review of English is an open access international peer-reviewed journal founded in 1980. SARE's aim is to draw attention to original scholarship in the North and the South on a variety of genres such as literary fiction and non-fiction (including essays, memoirs, reportage, and travel writing), popular fiction, theater, drama, poetry, film and other visual arts as well as popular cultural texts and performances principally from Southeast, South, and East Asia. SARE also invites work that is concerned with diasporic sites of cultural and knowledge production. In particular, SARE seeks to publish: Special issues with a thematic or regional focus; Interviews with writers, activists, artists, critics, or theorists of the region; Book or performance reviews, including reviews of literary or cultural criticism on the region and of novels, short fiction, poetry, plays, essays of non-fiction or creative non-fiction, art/photography, digital and new media works by writers of the region; Creative writing by established, emerging, or previously unpublished writers in the form of poems, prose poems, short stories, self-contained novel excerpts as well as essays of creative non-fiction.

TVET @sia

TVET@Asia is an open content online journal for scientists and practitioners in the field of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and Vocational Teacher Education (VTE) in the East and Southeast-Asian region. Its main purpose is to provide access to peer reviewed papers and thus to enhance the dissemination of relevant content and the initiation of open discussions within the TVET community.