East Timor: General Information

General Information

East Timor flag and anthem by the World Statesman
This site shows flag, anthem and genealogy of rulers of East Timor.

East Timor Government
This site contains facts and information about the government of East Timor, including the language, culture, demography, economy and government administration.

Embassy of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste, Washington, DC
This is the official website of the Embassy of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste in the United States of America. It provides general information and facts of Timor-Leste, including traveling, economy, constitutions, visa issues and daily news from Timor Leste.

Embassy of the United States in Timor Leste
This is an official website of the embassy of the United States in Timor Leste. It contains information related to programs and events, services to the US citizens, and visa.

Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection: East Timor Maps
This is the website of The University of Texas at Austin. It contains various maps of East Timor such as country maps, city maps, detailed maps and historical maps.

The world Fact Book, East Timor (CIA)
This site provides facts about the geography, people, government, economy, communications and statistic information.



Asian-Pacific Law & Policy Journal, University of Hawaii
This website provides online Journal articles about law and policy study in Asia-Pacific regions. Browse the journal or type a related topic in search after connecting to the link.

Journal of Asian Studies
This is a website of the Journal of Asian Studies. It covers a range of research topics about Asia, and some articles are free for download.

Kyoto Review of Southeast Asia
This website provides reviews of socio-political topics related to East Timor, Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Type a related topic in search after connecting to the link.


Government Institutions

Banking and Payment Authority of Timor-Leste

Immigration Service of Timor-Leste
Site contains information regarding immigration including visas and residency.

Maritime Boundary Office
The Timor Maritime Boundary Office is part of the Office of Timor-Leste (East Timor) Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri. The primary task of the Timor Maritime Boundary Office is to establish permanent maritime boundaries with Timor-Leste's neighbors, Australia and Indonesia. More information on maritime issues found on the site.

Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries
MAFF website contains information regarding climate, forestry, plant production and protection, crops, fishing, and studies in development issues. Site also contains links in Portuguese to different topics regarding agriculture, but the links are out of order at the moment.

Ministry of Finance
Site contains information regarding ministry executive offices, corporate services, policy analysis and research, state finance, revenue and customs, publications, and media releases.

National Parliament of East Timor
The National Parliament consists of 88 members who were elected on 30 August 2001 to the Constituent Assembly. The Constituent Assembly’s directive was to develop a Constitution for East Timor. With the approval of the Constitution, the Constituent Assembly has been transformed into a National Parliament for up to five years. The National Parliament will be responsible for making laws on issues concerning the country’s domestic and foreign policy, as well as other functions set out in the Constitution. See site for specific functions.

Prime Minister and Cabinet Office
Information from the cabinet of the prime minister including government, national development plan, and media releases.

The government of East Timor
Site contains links and information to the ministries and offices listed above.



Ethnolinguistic Situation in East Timor
This is an online article published by the East West Center about the language situation in East Timor.

Fataluku Language Project
This website provides information about the project on Fataluku language, one of languages in East Timor.

Tetum, language study (University of Alberta)
This website provides online documents and teaching aids of Tetun language, including grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.


    History, Culture and Religion

    Dutch, Portuguese Colonial History
    This website provides online articles about the history of Dutch-Portuguese colonial in Asia. It also includes articles of other colonization history in the world.

    Legends from Timor
    This website provides online traditional tales from East Timor.


    Political and Social Issues

    Back Door, Newsletter on East Timor
    This site provides online documents of the crisis in East Timor.

    East Timor: An Introduction to history, politics and culture (SEAsite, Northern Illinois University)
    This site provides an online research article about the politics, history and culture of East Timor.

    East Timor and Indonesia Action Network
    This is a local organization website dedicated to the reconciliation of East Timor and Indonesia. It contains information and articles about crisis in East Timor.

    Human Rights Watch
    This website contains news, reports, and publications related to human rights in East Timor.

    International Crisis Group, East Timor
    This site provides online analytical reports and briefings on East Timor and the world, focusing on situations of conflict.

    Judicial System Monitoring Program
    This is a local non governmental organization’s website, based in East Timor. It contains publications and reports about the judicial problems in East Timor. (in English, Tetun, Portuguese and Indonesian)

    National Directorate of Statistics in East Timor
    It contains publication and census data of East Timor.

    United Nations in Timor-Leste
    This is the United Nations website of East Timor's website; it contains information, news and report on UN program in East Timor.

    United Nations Mission of Support in East Timor
    This is an United Nations website, established during the transitional period in East Timor, in 1999. It contains map, facts and figures, news and documents of the United Nations for East Timor.



    BBC-Special reports about Timor Leste
    This is a special news report of the BBC about Timor Leste.

    Guide Post
    This is a monthly magazine published in Dili, in English.

    This websites provides online news and international statements collected from the other news sources.

    Selection from East Timor
    This is a weekly-online news by ETAN. It contains news archives of East Timor since 1998.


    Digital Collections

    Digital Collections, University of Washington Libraries
    This websites contains old photograph collection and scanned- introductory paragraphs of Journal articles about Cambodia and other countries in Southeast Asia. Select a type of search, then type a related topic in search after connecting to the link.

    Digital Photograph Collection, the National Library of Australia
    This website provides a digital photograph collection of Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Type a related topic in search after connecting to the link.

    SEAsite, Southeast Asia Picture Database (Northern Illinois University)
    This site provides a digital photograph collection of East Timor.

    The National Security Archive (The George Washington University)
    This is an official website of the George Washington University. It contains information about secret U.S. documents concerning U.S. policy toward the relation of Indonesia and East Timor from 1965-1999.



    Research Institutions

    Asia Foundation for East Timor
    This is a website of the Asia Foundation, specifically for East Timor. It contains information of the Asia Foundation’s projects related to economic reform, land management, law and justice, and governance.

    Asian Development Bank (ADB), East Timor
    This website contains reports and information about development projects of the Asian Development Bank in East Timor.

    Association for Asian Studies (AAS) Committee List
    This site provides a list of committees some of which are related to Southeast Asian studies.

    Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Southeast Asia 
    CSIS is an organization that provides strategic insights and policy solutions to decision makers in government, international institutions, the private sector, and civil society. This website provides information regarding programs of CSIS in Southeast Asia, interviews, publications, events, and news.

    Genocide Studies Program, East Timor (Yale University)
    This is a program website of Yale University. It provides information, publications and articles on the genocide and human rights situations in East Timor.

    International Foundation for Electoral System (IFES)
    This website provides information regarding IFES’s programs and activities in East Timor.

    International Monetary Fund, in East Timor
    This site provides online working papers and reports of the IMF in East Timor.

    Southeast Asia Research Centre, City University of Hong Kong
    This is a website of Center University of Hong Kong. It contains information about seminars and study courses about East and Southeast Studies. It provides free-download publications and working papers related to East Timor and countries in Asia.

    TimorNet (University of Coimbra, Portugal)
    This website provides online articles and links on history, culture and news of East Timor.

    The Timor-Leste Institute for Reconstruction Monitoring and Analysis (La‘o Hamutuk)
    This site provides online bulletins and reports about reconciliation, environment, health, justice, human rights, agriculture, economy and government of East Timor.

    The World Bank, East Timor
    This is the World Bank website, specifically for projects in East Timor. It contains data and statistic, publications, reports and updated news about the World Bank projects in East Timor.

    USAID in Timor Leste
    This website provides information regarding programs of USAID in Timor Leste. The programs focus on governing justly and democratically, improving health system and environment, and improving economic growth.

    Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars
    This site provides online research articles about the socio-political issues of East Timor and other countries in the world. Type a related topic in search after connecting to the link.


    Travel Information

    Lonely Planet, East Timor
    The information of tourist attractions and traveling guides in East Timor can be found in this site.



    East Timor: Bibliography and Articles
    This website provides reference documents and full-text articles related to East Timor.

    East Timor and Indonesia on the World-Wide Web (East Timor and Indonesia Action Network-ETAN)
    This site lists useful links and publications for further research about the relationship between East Timor and Indonesia.

    National Bureau of Asian Research
    The National Bureau of Asian Research is committed to advanced independent research on issues affecting U.S. relations with Asia.