The Donn V. Hart Southeast Asia Collection

The Donn V. Hart Southeast Asia Collection at the Northern Illinois University libraries includes a large number of books, periodicals, microform sets, pamphlets, manuscripts, and videos. Materials from and pertaining to the eleven Southeast Asian countries are available in English and in vernacular languages. It is indeed one of the best collections for Southeast Asian studies in the country.

A certain number of selected books and manuscripts from this collection have been digitized and made available. There are other digitized materials also included which are not a part of the Donn V. Hart Southeast Asia Collection.

Painted illustrations of Jataka and Ramayana figures, some captioned and allocated to days of the week, astrological calculations. Black script on one side and colored illustrations on the other side of continuous sheet of white paper folded fanwise (13 folds). Outside folds black with red ink. Ms. Donor: Burma Studies Group.
Purabuik' [1-18]
Small black paper notebook with plain wood cover; collection of nats, devas, bilu (ogres) and weikzas. The verso pages contain more erased notebook pages and more enigmatic magical figures. Written with soap stone. Donor: Burma Studies Group. MS
Aṅgā ; Buddhahū, Byañjīkok ; Krāsapat́e sokra can
162 pages on 81 palm leaves. Plam leaves edged in red lacquer held together between two black end boards. Plam leaf manuscript includes astrological tables used in making a horoscope, how to make a lunar calendar, method to calculate auspicious and ceremonial times. Donor: Burma Studies Group
Thahtayatanawaga Thanyok Palitaw
One folded sheet ([40]p). Attributed to Gautama Buddha. Work on this manuscript began on April 14, 1856 and was intended for King Mindon, the second-to-last ruler of the independent Burmese kingdom. The red lacquered wooden binding boards are decorated with gold-leaf birds and floral designs. Donor: Burma Studies Group Ms.
Dhammapada Athakattia Nissaya
This palm leaf manuscript from 1922 AD contains a translation, from Pali to Burmese, of portions of the sacred Buddhist scriptures, or Tipitaka. The leaves, with gilt edges, are bound by red lacquered boards, twelve lines to a page. Other titles: Tipiṭaka, Suttapiṭaka, Khuddakanikāya, Dhammapada. Donor: Luu Foundation.
[16] leaves; Lacquered Copper Plates. Completed sometime during the 1800's this kammavaca is made from thin copper plates that have been lacquered and bound in wooden covers decorated with red and yellow figures and designs. The text, written in the Pali language using the square style Burmese script, covers ordination ceremonies for Buddhist monks.