Ahmad Muhamad
an assortment of madyapada from various sources. a north coast manuscript dated 1893.
Al-Mawu'iz Al-Badi'ah
Colophone of mawa'iz al Badi'ah (wondrous counsels), fifty lesson in mystical doctrine. The Colophone give the date of translation as A.H 1250 (1835), but this must in fact be the date a copying, as the text is a seventeenth century composition.
Ki Asmarasupi battles Buta Begols gang of man eating ogres in this episode from a serat Asmarasui. Copied in Yogyakarta 1893 by cakradiharja.
Asmarasupi 2
Hidden mystical javanese script adorns the frontispiece of this Cirebonese copy of the Serat Iman Sujana.
Babad Blambangan Purwasastran
Dutch officers receiving a message from the raja of Blambangan . Detail from a historical text.
Babad Cirebon
Wawacan Ogin Amarsakti, both a text and a manuscript originating from the rural area