Abyan al-Hawaij
Half-page frames from a manuscript of he Syarah Al-Iman.
Ahmad Muhamad
an assortment of madyapada from various sources. a north coast manuscript dated 1893.
Akhbarul Karim
Another exemplar of hikayat Akeubo Karim. A text for intruction, describing the principles truths of islamic faith together with laws of purification and prayer.
A quran copied at the Kraton Surakarta in 1797-1798 by Ki Atmaparwita
Quran (dari Cirebon)
Pages from the quran, this one copied in Cirebon
Al-Mawu'iz Al-Badi'ah
Colophone of mawa'iz al Badi'ah (wondrous counsels), fifty lesson in mystical doctrine. The Colophone give the date of translation as A.H 1250 (1835), but this must in fact be the date a copying, as the text is a seventeenth century composition.
Quran l-Karim
Attractively decorated of quran.
Quran l-Karim (dari Aceh)
Al Quran l-Karim. Some are attractively decorated. These Quran was copied in Aceh.
Aqidat al-Awamm
Translates quran in Malay. This text was memorized and recited line by line, the verses of Arabic alternating with their Malay counterparts.