Pustaha 01
A pustaha containing intruction on a war divination from the Karo Highlands. This bark book was acquired in 1841 by the german explorer, Franz Junghuhn.
Pustaha 03
Lampung manuscript in rencong and arabic scripts.
Pustaha 05
Assorted bamboo manuscripts : cane, calendars, and amulets.
Pustaha 06
Decorative detail from a Batak Pustaha. Unlike in most parts of muslim Indonesia. Dogs are common feature in Batak villages.
Pustaha 07
Detail form the pustaha. The toba Batak in days of health and disease gives an exhaustive overview of the literature contained in the pustaha.
Pustaha 08
A divination calendar the symbols indicate whether the days is suitable for activities such as planting, harvesting or traveling.
Pustaha 09
Bamboo Pustaha.
Pustaha 10
Bast Pustaha.