Philippines: Online Research Resources

  • Philippine E-Journals
    The Philippine E-Journals is an expanding collection of academic journals that are made accessible globally through a single Web-based platform. It is hosted by C&E Publishing, Inc., a premier educational publisher in the Philippines and a leader in the distribution of integrated information-based solutions.
  • Philippine Journal of Systematic Biology
    The Philippine Journal of Systematic Biology is an annual, peer-reviewed journal in English that publishes high quality reports of original research and reviews in the field of Taxonomy & Systematics, Ecology and Conservation Biology. The journal aims to build up quality information on animal, plant and microbial diversity in the Philippines. Articles dealing with original research or reviews in Zoological, Botanical or Microbial Systematics, Ecology and Conservation Biology are welcome.
  • Social Science Diliman
    Social Science Diliman: A Philippine Journal of Society and Change (SSD) is the flagship journal for the social sciences of the University of the Philippines Diliman. It is internationally refereed, semi-annual, and bi-lingual (in English and Filipino). SSD publishes works on the social sciences and its applications, including multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary works that have a broad focus and will be of interest to scholars beyond a single discipline, area of study, and time frame. Book Reviews are also published.
  • Social Transformations: Journal of the Global South
    Social Transformations is a journal that analyzes social movements, development paradigms, policies, and socio-political interventions in the Global South. We are interested in employing interdisciplinary methodologies to produce reflexive theorizing and commentary on contemporary social change in countries once associated with the Third World. We favor contextualized and embedded studies of interventions such as community-initiated outcome models and organized grassroots movements. Such studies trace the interrelations, both state and non-state, between various peoples and movements, while acknowledging the tensions and contradictions within the Global South. Given the history of uneven relations with the Global North and the social ills of poverty and violence in the South, we hope to generate research that addresses issues of social justice, global well being, and translocal sustainable development.