Philippines: General Information

General Information

  • The world Fact Book about Philippines-CIA 
    This site provides facts about geography, people, government, economy, communications and statistic information.
  • Philippine flag and anthem by the World Statement
    This site shows flag, anthem and genealogy of rulers of Philippines.
  • Philippine Information Agency (PIA)
    This is the official information website of the government of Philippines. It contains information on the statistical profile, history, society, ethnicities, economy, government, politics, diplomacy, and military of the Philippines.
  • Embassy of the Philippines, Washington, DC
    This is the official website of the Embassy of the Philippines in the United States of America. It provides general information and facts of the Philippines, including traveling, economy, constitutions, visa issues and daily news from Philippines.
  • Country studies
    It is the online versions of books previously published (1988-98) in hard copy by the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress under the Country Studies/Area Handbook Program sponsored by the U.S. Department of the Army. Information about history, society, environment, economy, government, politics, and national security can be found.
  • Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection: Philippines Maps
    This is the website of The University of Texas at Austin. It contains various maps of Philippines such as country maps, city maps, thematic maps, regional maps, detailed maps, and historical maps.


  • Journal of Asian Studies
    This is a website of the Journal of Asian Studies. It covers a range of research topics about Asia, and some articles are free for download.
  • Kyoto Review of Southeast Asia
    This website provides reviews of socio-political topics related to the Philippines and Southeast Asia. Type a related topic in search after connecting to the link.
  • Asian-Pacific Law & Policy Journal, University of Hawaii
    This website provides online Journal articles about law and policy study in Asia-Pacific regions. Browse the journal or type a related topic in search after connecting to the link.

Government Institutions

  • Department of Agrarian Reform
    Department of Agrarian Reform is the lead implementing agency of Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP). It undertakes land tenure improvement and development of program beneficiaries. DAR conducts land survey in resettlement areas. It undertakes land acquisition and distribution and land management studies. The DAR also orchestrates the delivery of support services to farmer-beneficiaries and promotes the development of viable agrarian reform communities.
  • Department of Agriculture
    With emphasis on agribusiness, the agriculture department will undertake two goals under the new economic blueprint of the Arroyo Administration. GOAL 1: "Develop at least two million hectares of new land for agribusiness in order to contribute 2 million jobs targeted in 2010" Idle or marginal agricultural lands; Offshore and inland bodies of water for aquaculture New and existing agricultural areas which will be developed for intercropping with high value crops and raising of livestock, poultry and fish GOAL 2: "Reduce costs of wage goods through productivity enhancement, more efficient logistics, and improved retailing linkages. Comprehensive website provides information regarding agricultural business in the Philippines.
  • Department of Budget and Management
    Site dealing with Budget management and funds appropriations and allowances.
  • Department of Education
    The DepEd Vision We are people organization committed to a culture of excellence in public service. Believing that the most important resource of our country is its people, we make the task of educating the Filipino child our singular mission. We assist the Filipino child to discover his/her full potential in a child-centered and value-driven teaching-learning environment and thereby, enable him/her to create his/her own destiny in global community. We prepare him/her to become a responsible citizen and an enlightened leader who loves his/her country and is proud to be a Filipino. Site dealing with all information regarding education in the Philippines.
  • Department of Energy
    Site dealing with energy resources, alternative fuels, energy efficiency, electric power, downstream oil and natural gas, and the environment. Site includes prices and statistics.
  • Department of Environment and Natural Resources
    The Department is mandated to be the primary agency responsible for the conservation, management, development, and proper use of the country’s environment and natural resources. To accomplish this mandate, the Department shall be guided by the following objectives: 1.) Assure the availability and sustainability of the country's natural resources through judicious use and systematic restoration or replacement, whenever possible; 2.) Increase the productivity of natural resources in order to meet the demands for forest, mineral, and land resources of a growing population; 3.) Enhance the contribution of natural resources for achieving national economic and social development; 4.) Promote equitable access to natural resources by the different sectors of the population; 5.) Conserve specific terrestrial and marine areas representative of the Philippine natural and cultural heritage for present and future generations.
  • Department of Finance
    Site contains information regarding internal revenue, customs, treasury, comissions, national tax research, export and import, government insurance policy, and cooperative development. Pages load very slowly.
  • Department of Foreign Affairs
    Site contains information regarding visas, passports, foreign embassies, consulates, and posts, as well as information regarding travel advisories, and foreign service officer applications.
  • Department of Health
    Site contains information regarding health aspects including: advisories, policies and laws, programs, knowledge of products, reforms, and events.
  • Department of Justice
    The mandate of the DOJ is to uphold the rule of law. Its mission is to establish and maintain a just and orderly society through an effective, speedy and compassionate administration of justice. Site deals with all aspects of the Philippino justice system.
  • Department of Labor and Employment
    The DOLE is mandated to promote gainful employment opportunities, develop human resources, protect workers and promote their welfare, and maintain industrial peace. Site provides information regarding employment opportunities.
  • Department of National Defense
    Site dealing with army, navy, and airforce information. Also contains links to foreign defense sites with the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, France, India, China, Canada, New Zeland, and the US and Asia pacific.
  • Department of Public Works and Highways
    The Department of Public Works and Highways functions as the engineering and construction arm of the Government tasked to continuously develop its technology for the purpose of ensuring the safety of all infrastructure facilities and securing for all public works and highways the highest efficiency and quality in construction. DPWH is currently responsible for the planning, design, construction and maintenance of infrastructure, especially the national highways, flood control and water resources development system, and other public works in accordance with national development objectives.
  • Department of Science and Technology
    Mandate: To provide central direction, leadership, and coordination of all science and technology activities in the country; and, formulate S&T policies, programs, and projects in support of national development priorities. In addition,Guided by the principles of competence, competitiveness, and conscience, the DOST shall pursue six priority flagship programs under the Arroyo Administration, namely: Establishment of a Packaging R&D Center; Expansion of Regional Metrology Centers; Comprehensive Program to Enhance Technology Enterprises; Integrated Program on Cleaner Production Technologies S&T Intervention Program for the Poor, Vulnerable and Disabled; and Comprehensive S&T Program for Mindanao
  • Department of Social Welfare and Development
    VISION A society where poor, vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals, families and communities are empowered for an improved quality of life. MISSION To provide social protection and promote the rights and welfare of the poor, vulnerable and the disadvantaged individuals, families and communities that will contribute to poverty alleviation and empowerment through social welfare development policies, programs, projects and services implemented with or through local government units (LGUs), non-government organizations (NGOs), people’s organizations (POs), other government organizations (GOs) and other members of civil society. MANDATE To provide assistance to local government units, non-government organizations, other national government agencies, people’s organizations, and other members of civil society in effectively implementing programs, projects and services that will alleviate poverty and empower disadvantaged individuals, families and communities for an improved quality of life.
  • Department of Tourism
  • Department of Trade and Industry
    DTI wears several hats - it is a coordinating agency for all government activities related to trade, industry, and investments; a promotional machinery for further trade and investments; and a regulatory body to ensure that fair competition prevails. Given the priorities of Philippine economic development, its key result areas are to: Attract and direct investments to areas leading to balanced agro-industrial developments; Reinforce the country's competitive advantage in the world markets; and Ensure that the benefits of economic progress reach the countryside and become every Filipino's gain.
  • National Commission for Culture and the Arts
    Mission Statement: Formulate policies for the development of culture and the arts To coordinate & implement the overall policies and program of attached agencies on the development of culture and arts as stated under Executive Order No. 80 Administer the National Endowment Fund for Culture and the Arts Encourage artistic creation within a climate of artistic freedom Develop and promote the Filipino national culture and arts; and Preserve Filipino cultural heritage. Site provides extensive information in the local arts and crafts.
  • Office of the President
    Site offers information about the office of the president, as well as members of the cabinet and current news regarding the presidency.



    History, Culture and Religion

    Political and Social Issues

    • Chan Robles Virtual Law Library
      This site provides online information of legal issues and law documents of the Philippines and other countries in the world.
    • Conciliation Resources, Accord Philippines-Mindanao Project 
      This is an online publication of Accord that contains individual articles by known authors about the peace and reconciliation in the Philippines-Mindanao, and some other countries in the world.
    • IBON Foundation Inc.
      This website provides information on the socio-economic issues of the Philippines. It contains online publications, press releases, book reviews and important statements.
    • International Crisis Group, the Philippines
      This site provides online analytical reports and briefings on the Philippines and the world, focusing on situations of conflict.
    • Human Rights Watch
      This website contains news, reports, and publications related to human rights in Philippines.


    • Chinese Commercial News
      This is an online Chinese language newspaper from the Philippines.
    • The Daily Tribune
      This is an online daily newspaper from Manila (in English).
    • The Manila Times
      This is an internet edition of The Manila Times, updated daily from Manila.
    • Malaya Business Insight
      This is a local daily newspaper reporting about the social news from Manila (in English).
    • Philippine Daily Inquirer
      This is an official news website of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, which is one of the Philippines’ most widely circulated broadsheets.
    • Philippine
      This is a weekly newspaper, published information regarding the Filipino-Americans and the Philippines news.
    • The Philippine Star
      This website provides current news on the Philippines.
    • Sunday Punch
      This is a weekly newspaper from Pangasina, the Philippines (in English).
    • Sun Star Network Online
      This is a daily online news network of the Philippines (in English).
    • Asian Journal
      This is online news collections from North America, distributing information about the Philippines and events around the world.
    • Philippines Times
      This website provides both local and international news in English.

    Digital Collections

    Research Institutions

    Travel Information