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General Information


         Digital issues of the Bulletin of the Burma Studies Group from Spring 1973 to Spring/Fall 2014

Government Institutions

  • Ministry of Commerce
    The site requires Mynmar font to be installed to view the text. If you do not see the text, there is a link on the left hand side in the page to download the font.
  • Ministry of Culture
    Website contains all information related to culture in Burma/Myanmar: Department of the arts, archaeology, cultural institute, Yangon University Culture, Mandalay University Culture, National Museum and exhibitions.
  • Ministry of Electricity and Energy
    Site contains comprehensive information regarding Burma/Myanmar renewable and non-renewable energy. The Ministry of Electric Power is responsible for planning and policy making in the electric power section and acts as a secretariat of the ministry.
  • Ministry of Planning and Finance
    This website provides information regarding five functional departments and six financial institutions.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    Website contains information regarding foreign policy, foreign embassies, Burma/Myanmar missions, in addition to a section with various information regarding Burma/Myanmar.
  • Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation
    In view of the importance of the Myanmar forestry sector in enhancing national socio-economic development, and ensuring ecological balance and environmental stability, the Myanmar Forest Policy has been formulated in a holistic and balanced manner within the overall context of the environment and sustainable development taking full cognizance of the forestry principles adopted at the United Nations Conference on Environment Development (UNCED), 1992. (In Burmese)
  • Ministry of Health and Sports
    Comprehensive site regarding Burma/Myanmar health care system, health policy, plans, and legislation. Site also includes information on disease control health infrastructure, and an overview of health services in Burma/Myanmar.
  • Ministry of Hotels and Tourism
    This site contains photographs from the different touristic attractions but no information. It is a photo gallery.
  • Ministry of Labour Immigration and Population
    Site offers an overview of Burma/Myanmar citizen and immigration laws. It describes in detail the different laws regarding these two areas of government. (In Burmese)
  • Ministry of Industry 
    Site offers information regarding industry possibilities for foreign investments in the following areas: textiles, foodstuff, pharmaceutical industry, paper and chemicals, general and maintenance industries, as well as, automobile and diesel industries, agricultural machinery, machine and electrical industries, tire and rubber, as well as industrial construction.
  • Ministry of Rural Development
    Site offers information regarding fisheries, livestock and apiculture (bee pollination) sectors in addition to shark conservation measures as well as Avian influenza awareness and surveillance.
  • Ministry of Mines
    Ministry of Mines is responsible for Formulation of Mining Policy, Exploration and Extraction of Minerals and Gems. Department of Mines is responsible for Mining Policy Formulation, Granting of Mineral Permits and Coordination of Mining Sector
  • Ministry of Information
    Service Responsibilities of Myanmar Posts and Telecommunications To arrange communication services for smooth and easy usage by the general public. To satisfy the communication needs, keeping proper standard and quality. To establish communication centers and routes in accordance with work requirements. To adopt agreements made with international organizations and other countries. To conduct communications related research works and studies. To introduce new and modern services, and take advantage of state-of-the-art technologies. To manufacture communication equipment and materials for domestic network as well as for export.
  • Ministry of Border Affairs
    See Site link under Ministry affairs for an exact description of Ministry's goals and duties.
  • Ministry of Religious Affairs
    The Ministry of Religious Affairs was established and started functioning before the Union of Myanmar regained its Independence. After Independence the Ministry of Religious Affairs created the following divisions and carried out the tasks. Directorate of Religious Affairs Pali University and Dhammacariya Division Pali Education Division International Institute of Advanced Buddhistic Studies Tipitakadhara Selection Committee.
  • Department of Social Welfare
    Policy To assist the vulnerable group so as to reintegrate into the society through social work methods, to encourage the non-governmental organizations to participate in national movement for social development. To commit the recruitment of the human resources that human resources can lift and develop to other resources. Objectives and Responsibilities: to well implement the social welfare activities. to assist the vulnerable groups so as to reintegrate into the society through social work methods to render relief and resettlement services to victims of natural disasters such as earchquakes, storms, floods, and fire disasters to provide the relief activities when fire events and other disasters and to prevent fire events.



History, Culture and Religion

In 1887 a British military officer by the name of G.J. Younghusband was sent on a spying expedition by the head of the Intelligence Branch of the British Indian Army to find a way to reach the city of Keng Tung, Burma by going through Thailand. In 2010, an American linguist named John Hartmann followed the same route to conduct research.        

Political and Social Issues



  • Radio Free Asia
    This is a radio program broadcasted from America two times per day in Burmese language.
  • Voice of America
    This is a radio program in Burmese language, broadcasted from America.
  • BBC-Burmese
    This is a BBC news special broadcasting about Burma.
  • ABC Radio Australia
    This is an online radio of the Australia Broadcasting Corporation, a special program in Burmese language.

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Research Institutions

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