Cambodia: General Information

General Information

Cambodian flag and anthem by the World Statement
This site shows flag, anthem and genealogy of rulers of Cambodia.

Constitution of Cambodia
This site contains constitutional law of Cambodia.

Country studies
It is the online versions of books previously published (1988-98) in hard copy by the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress under the Country Studies/Area Handbook Program sponsored by the U.S. Department of the Army. Information about history, society, environment, economy, government, politics, and national security can be found.

Embassy of the United States in Cambodia
This is an official website of the embassy of the United States in Cambodia. It contains information related to programs and events, scholarships, services to the US citizens, and visa.

Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection: Cambodia Maps
This is the website of The University of Texas at Austin. It contains various maps of Cambodia such as country maps, city maps, thematic maps, and historical maps.

Royal Embassy of Cambodia, Washington, DC
This is the official website of the Cambodian Embassy in Washington DC and it provides information about government and the country.

The world Fact Book, Cambodia (CIA) 
This site provides facts about geography, people, government, economy, communication and statistic information. Must select country to access information on specific country.


Government Institutions

Cambodian Rehabilitation and Development Board - Council for the Development of Cambodia
In addition to reviewing applications for investment incentives, the Cambodian Investment Board’s (CIB) mission is to promote and facilitate foreign and local investments. In order to accomplish this goal, it is charged with several functions: to provide information to potential investors; to review investment applications and grant incentives; to monitor investment projects after implementation. Our web-site is just one way we make information readily available and provide easy access to the CIB.

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Mission Statement:The leading and arragement of the agriculture sector in the kingdom of Cambodia have been given to the ministry of agriculture forestry and fishery by the Royal Government of Cambodia. This site is very comprehensive and deals essentially with anything related to agriculture, anima husbandry, and horticulture in Cambodia.

Ministry of Commerce
Site dealing with commercial trade, facilitation, competition and economic integreation. The font in the first page is a bit small. There is a tab named "local content" under which the following tabs don't work: "trade support," "macromanagemet", "e-trade support" "course studies" and "reports"

Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts
A sector-by-sector guide to Cambodia's cultural scene comprising informative overviews of each sector together with contact details and descriptions of key institutions and agencies.

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport
Extensive site dealing with curriculum policies, education plans and any other sector involved with the education of Cambodia.

Ministry of Information
Information available in Khmer and English.

Ministry of Interior
The website of the Ministry of Interior is free communication and essential part in the dissemination of information to the public. Its commitment is to promote wider balanced dissemination of information and to strengthen communication capacities at national and international levels. In addition, the site includes links to different areas of information with addresses and personnel in charge of each area.

Ministry of Planning
The Ministry of Planning consists of two main parts: the General Directorate of Planning (GDP) and the National Institute of Statistics (NIS). It is responsible for guiding and managing national socioeconomic development planning (GDP) and managing the statistical functions of the Royal Government (NIS).

Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications
Site deals with all areas of telecomunications including phone, internet, and other services such as wiring money, area codes and prices for different services.

Ministry of Public Works and Transport
The Ministry of Public Works and Transport is decreed by the Royal Government of Cambodia to lead and manage the public works and transport sector in the Kingdom of Cambodia. The Ministry of Public Works and Transport has the following mission and functions: Manage the execution of national policy concerning all public works construction by establishing the principles of law and cooperate with the diverse organizations to develop the country. Build, maintain and manage all the infrastructure of roads, bridges, ports, railways, waterways and buildings. Establish the regulations for the development of the roads, ports, railways and waterways infrastructure. Establish the regulations and control the transport by road, railway and waterway. Participate and cooperate to establish laws, regulations, diverse standards concerning the construction. Realize the other constructions that the Royal Government entrusts to it. Cooperate with the Secretariat of Civil Aviation concerning all airport construction works. Several of the links are under construction at the time. 10-15-2007.

Ministry of Tourism
Site contains all information regarding travel to Cambodia including: visa information, accommodations, transportation, travel agencies, food and drink and several other items related to entertainment and tourism.

National Assembly of the Kingdom of Cambodia
Site in Khmer. Tab available in English.

National Institute of Statistics (NIS)
The National Institute of Statistics (NIS), which is part of the Ministry of Planning, is the focal point on statistical matters in Cambodia. The NIS compiles and consolidates statistics provided by decentralized offices and also collects primary data through household and establishment surveys and population censuses. The Asian Development Bank, UNDP, UNFPA and the World Bank have been providing technical assistance to the NIS for the past seven years.

Phnom Penh Capital Hall
Website dedicated to Phnom Penh including history, tourism, and its allure. Site available in Khmer, English, and French.

Senate of Cambodia
Site offers information of senators in charge, committees, legislative activities and general information about the senate.



Khmer Language, Center for Southeast Asian Studies (Northern Illinois University)
This site provides Khmer language courses and studying materials.

Khmer Romanization (the Library of Congress)
This site contains a basic explanation about the Khmer writing system and Romanization of Khmer scripts.

Khmer Writing System by Omniglot
This site contains scripts in the Khmer writing system.

SEAlang Projects
Established in 2005, The SEAlang Library provides language reference materials for Southeast Asia, especially the non-roman script languages used throughout the mainland (Thailand, Burma, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam).


    History, Culture and Religion

    Art of Southeast Asia
    This website contains information about the arts and culture of Southeast Asia especially Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam.

    Buddhism and Cambodia
    This website contains sound records of Dhamma of known Khmer Buddhist monks and followers.

    Cambodian Classical Dance
    This site contains text and traditional music of Khmer dance and Khmer folklores.

    Khmer Folktales
    This site has a collection of Khmer folklores in English language.

    National Museum of Cambodia

    Contains photos and inventory of various collections.  

    Southeast Asia in the Ming-Shi lu

    A variety of texts and tools for better understanding the Ming Shi-lu. This source contains references to Cambodia.

    Yosothor for Khmer Culture

    This is an independent Cambodian institution promoting research on Cambodian culture.  Among items here are all back digital issues of Udaya Journal of Khmer Studies, KhmerRenaissance , and podcasts of RUFA/Yosothor lectures from 2014-2019. 


    Political and Social Issues

    Beauty and Darkness: Cambodia in Modern History
    This site contains a recent history of Cambodia, particularly during the Khmer Rouge period and information about Cambodian refugees and immigrants abroad.

    Human Rights Watch
    This website contains news, reports, and publications related to human rights in Cambodia.

    International Crisis Group, Cambodia
    This site provides online analytical reports and briefings on Cambodia and the world, focusing on situations of conflict.

    Royal Family Website
    This is a royal family website of Cambodia. It contains letters from the king of Cambodia, royal songs, historical documents and royal family activity archives.



    AKP-Agence Kampuchea Presse
    It contains local news about Cambodia. (in Khmer, English and French).

    BBC-Special reports about Cambodia
    This is a special news report of the BBC about Cambodia.

    Cambodia Daily
    This is a local English newspaper website.

    Cambodia New Vision
    This is a government website that provides online news, speeches and activities of the Prime Minister and government officers of Cambodia.

    Cambodian Center for Human Rights
    This website contains daily news about the human rights issues in Cambodia.

    Khmer Intelligence
    This website provides updated political news of Cambodia.

    The Cambodian Internet Newspaper (in Khmer and English)
    This is an online news in Khmer language. It provides daily news and research articles about Khmer society.

    The Khmers Kampuchea-Krom Federation (KKF)
    This is an online news website about the Khmer Krom’s situation.



    Radio France Internationale
    This is an online broadcasting of the Radio France Internationale, a special program in Khmer language.

    Radio Free Asia
    This is an online broadcasting of Radio Free Asia, a special program in Khmer language.

    UNTAC Radio Archives from 1992 at University of Wisconsin

    United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia Radio Archives.  Twenty-four entries available. 

    Voice of America
    This is an online radio broadcasting of the Voice of America, a special program in Khmer language.


    Research Institutions

    APSARA Authority
    This website contains management information and restoration work of temples in the Angkor Archaeological Park.

    Asia Foundation for Cambodia
    This is a website of the Asia Foundation, specifically for Cambodia. It contains information of the Asia Foundation’s projects related to economic reform, land management, law and justice, and governance.

    Asia Research Institute-ARI (National University of Singapore)
    This site provides a wide range of research topic about Southeast Asia, including Cambodia.

    Asian Development Bank (ADB), Cambodia
    This website contains reports and development projects of the Asian Development Bank in Cambodia.

    Association d’Echanges et de Formation pour les Etudes Khmères (AEFEK) – (in French)
    This website contains collections of old publications and bulletins about Khmer, related to archaeology, history, customs and religion.

    Association of Southeast Asia Nation (ASEAN)
    This website contains information about Cambodian government activities with other ASEAN countries and region.

    Buddhist Institute of Cambodia
    This website publishes research articles about Khmer culture. It contains some information about Khmer festivals and celebration (in Khmer).

    Cambodia Development Resource Institute (CDRI)
    This site provides online working papers and reports of contemporary socio-economic researches in Cambodia.

    Cambodian Association of Illinois
    This website contains information about Cambodian refugees living in Illinois, and a special program of Killing Field Memorial.

    Cambodian Institute for Cooperation and Peace (CICP)
    This is a non-profit organization to promote peace and study of Cambodia. This website provides online working paper and annual report about economic development sectors in Cambodia.

    Center for Khmer Studies (CKS)
    This website contains information about researches and conferences related to Cambodia and Southeast Asia. It provides online research newsletters for free download.

    Center for Research Libraries

    The Center for Research Libraries (CRL) is an international consortium of university, college, and independent research libraries. Founded in 1949, CRL supports original research and inspired teaching in the humanities, sciences, and social sciences by preserving and making available to scholars a wealth of rare and uncommon primary source materials from all world regions.  Some resources may be member restricted.  

    Center for Southeast Asian Studies (Northern Illinois University)
    This website contains photograph collection and research papers about Cambodia and Southeast Asia.

    Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Southeast Asia
    CSIS is an organization that provides strategic insights and policy solutions to decision makers in government, international institutions, the private sector, and civil society. This website provides information regarding programs of CSIS in Southeast Asia, interviews, publications, events, and news.

    Ecole Française d’Extrême Orient (EFEO)
    This site contains information about history and archaeological researches in Cambodia and Asia.

    Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and EAST Asia (ERIA)
    ERIA is an international organization that supports the ASEAN Secretariat by making policy recommendations at regional governmental meetings. This website contains the information about the latest news, activities, research and publications.

    Heritage Watch
    This website lists currents issues and information about looting and destruction of historical sites in Cambodia.

    Institute of Southeast Asian Studies-ISEAS, Singapore
    This site contains research articles and working papers about Cambodia and other Southeast Asia countries. Type a related topic in 'search' after connecting to the link.

    International Institute of Asian Studies-IIAS, Netherlands
    This site contains free newsletters about Cambodia and other countries in Asia.

    International Monetary Fund, Cambodia
    This website provides online working papers and reports of the IMF's program in Cambodia.

    Open Development Cambodia

    Open Development Cambodia (ODC) is an ‘open data’ website, the first of its kind in Southeast Asia.  As an online hub compiling freely available data in a ‘one-stop shop’, Open Development Cambodia provides the public with up-to-date, accurate information about Cambodia and its economic and social development. Its open data approach guarantees materials and information are available to all users for use and download. ODC hopes that the site and the data will facilitate research and communication between the public, private companies, civil society and governments.

    Southeast Asia Research Centre, City University of Hong Kong
    This is a website of Center University of Hong Kong. It contains information about seminar and study courses about East and Southeast Studies. It provides free-download publications and working papers related to Cambodia and countries in Asia and other related topic for Southeast Asian studies.


    SUDOC is France’s pan-university catalogue system which contains information on holdings across the country.  The website is in French.

    The Mekong River Commission
    This website contains information and reports about the development projects for countries sharing the Mekong River, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam.

    The NGO Forum on Cambodia
    This website provides online articles and reports related to land and livelihoods, environment, and development of communities in Cambodia.

    The World Bank, in Cambodia
    This is the World Bank website, specifically for projects in Cambodia. It contains data and statistic, publications, reports and updated news about the World Bank projects in Cambodia.

    United Nations in Cambodia
    This is a website of the United Nations of many different projects in Cambodia.

    USAID in Cambodia
    This website provides information regarding programs of USAID in Cambodia. The programs focus on governing justly and democratically, improving health system and education quality, and improving economic growth.

    Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars
    This site provides online research articles about the socio-political issues of Cambodia and other countries in the world. Type a related topic in 'search' after connecting to the link.


    Travel Information

    Local Adventures, Cambodia
    This site provides information of tourist attractions and traveling guides in Vietnam and Cambodia.

    Lonely Planet, Cambodia
    The information of tourist attractions and traveling guides in Cambodia can be found in this site.

    Ministry of Tourism, travel information
    This is a website of the Ministry of Tourism. It contains information about tourist attractions and travel information in Cambodia.



    National Bureau of Asian Research
    The National Bureau of Asian Research is committed to advanced independent research on issues affecting U.S. relations with Asia.


    Open access bibliographic resource that contains > 2000 digitized articles on Angkor alone from French-language journals like BEFEO.