Digital Archive of Buddhist Murals and Cloth Paintings in Thailand

Theravada Buddhist temples and monasteries in Thailand are decorated with murals featuring stories about Buddha’s life and Buddhist cosmology. While many of these murals were painted centuries ago, new murals are still being created today. Similar paintings have also been produced on cloth scrolls or individual hangings. Monasteries in Thailand are the core of the communities. Apart from monks’ quarters and stupa, a monastery often contains an ordination hall and a congregation hall where religious activities of local people take place. The paintings in these halls thus also depict social scenes, showing people in their costumes, habitat, and environment.

This project, created by Chiang Mai University Library in 2010, includes 85 images capturing the murals and cloth paintings at four Buddhist temples in Lampang, a city in northern Thailand. The four temples are Wat Nakhot Luang, Wat Bunyawat, Wat Thung Kha, and Wat Mon Pu Yak.