Malaysia: Selected Links

General Information


  • Journal of Asian Studies
    This is a website of the Journal of Asian Studies. It contains a wide range of research topics about Asia, and some articles are free for download.
  • Kyoto Review of Southeast Asia
    This website provides reviews of socio-political topics related to Malaysia and Southeast Asia. Type a related topic in search after connecting to the link.
  • Asian-Pacific Law & Policy Journal, University of Hawaii
    This website provides online journal articles about law and policy study in Asia-Pacific regions. Browse the journal or type a related topic in search after connecting to the link.

Government Institutions

  • Ministry of Finance
    Site is dealing with national budget, taxation, and economy. Links for complaints and information on the web are also available.
  • Ministry of Higher Education
    This website provides information about higher education in Malaysia, announcements, online services, publications and scholarships.
  • Ministry of International Trade and Industry
    Site dealing with Malaysian trade and industry. Available in Bahasa Malay and English.
  • Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development
    Aside from disseminating information about the ministry and issues related to women, family and the community more easily, speedily and accurately, this website is also a two-way medium of communication between the ministry and the public. This website allows the public to interact and channel their queries, suggestions and feedback via e-mail and the e–forum column. Other than this, an interesting feature of this website is that the public can interact with counsellors in the ministry via the chat room to obtain advisory and counselling services.
  • Ministry of Works
    Site dealing with programs and activities in the ministry of works. Site is in Malay, English, Arabic, and Chinese.
  • Parliament of Malaysia
    Malaysia The Parliament of Malaysia website is designed to facilitate access by members of Parliament, Ministries, Departments, organisation and the general public to information such as Order Papers, the calendar of events for Parliamentary Proceedings, Bills to be tabled, Acts of Parliament and verbatim reports of the daily proceedings (Hansard). Site is in Bahasa Malay and English.
  • Prime Minister’s Office of Malaysia
    English version speech on the nationa budget of Malaysia. First : To move the economy up the value chain; Second : To raise the capacity for knowledge and innovation and nurture first class mentality; Third : To address persistent socio-economic inequalities constructively and productively; Fourth : To improve the standard and sustainability of quality of life; and Fifth : To strengthen the institutional and implementation capacity.



    History, Culture and Religion

    Political and Social Issues


    Digital Collections

    Research Institutions

    Travel Information

    • Lonely Planet, Malaysia
      The information of tourist attractions and traveling guides in Malaysia can be found in this site.
    • Malaysia Tourism
      This is an official website for tourism in Malaysia. It provides information about the important tourist attractions and traveling information.