Singapore: General Information

General Information

  • The World Fact Book about Singapore-CIA 
    This site provides facts about geography, people, government, economy, communications and statistic information.
  • Singapore flag and anthem by the World Statement
    This site shows flag, anthem and genealogy of rulers of Singapore.
  • Singapore Infomap
    This website provides information and directory of Singapore.
  • Singapore Statutes Online
    This site provides up-to-date acts and constitutional documents of the Republic of Singapore.
  • Statistics Singapore
    This site provides national statistical information and a publication of census.
  • Embassy of Singapore, Washington, DC
    This is the official website of the Embassy of Singapore in the United States of America. It provides general information and facts of Singapore, including traveling, economy, constitutions, visa issues and daily news from Singapore.
  • Country studies
    It is the online versions of books previously published (1988-98) in hard copy by the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress under the Country Studies/Area Handbook Program sponsored by the U.S. Department of the Army. Information about history, society, environment, economy, government, politics, and national security can be found.
  • Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection: Singapore Maps
    This is the website of The University of Texas at Austin. It contains Singapore maps.


Government Institutions

  • Ministry of Social and Family Development
    The font is too large for the page. Links work with Microsoft Word, but the document takes a long time to upload.
  • Ministry of Defense
    Comprehensive website including information on Army, Navy, and the Air Force. The site contains information for new recruits, services for the community, and news regarding military personnel.
  • Ministry of Education
    The Ministry Of Education directs the formulation and implementation of education policies. It has control of the development and administration of the Government and Government-aided primary schools, secondary schools, junior colleges, and a centralised institute. It also registers private schools. Comprehensive site including information on services, schedules, school information, etc.
  • Ministry of Environment and Water Resources
    MEWR aims to move from maintaining good environmental performance in the short term to achieving environmental sustainability in the long term. Together with its two statutory boards, the National Environment Agency (NEA) and the Public Utilities Board (PUB), this can be accomplished through continued innovation in managing Singapore's limited resources, and vibrant partnerships and co-operations across the 3P sectors - private, public and people - crucial in meeting Singapore's environmental sustainability challenges.
  • Ministry of Finance
    Site including information on budget, taxation, services to businesses and individuals. The site also includes recent speeches regarding finances.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    MFA's mission is to advance and safeguard the interests of Singapore and Singaporeans through effective diplomacy. MFA strives to be a Foreign Service that excels and is effective and efficient in: a) Advancing Singapore's strategic, political, economic and other interests; and b) Providing worldwide consular assistance and protection for Singaporeans abroad. Site contains consular information, Singapore missions worldwide, and foreign missions accredited to Singapore in addition to recent news regarding MFA.
  • Ministry of Health
    Website for the Ministry of Health in Singapore.  Includes information about their healthcare system, disease prevention, healthcare resources and statistics, and a healthcare locator among other things.
  • Ministry of Home Affairs
    Contains information links to safety and security, civil defense, drug abuse, rehabilitation, and immigration. These links in turn deal with laws regarding different government acts such as the death penalty, and immigration laws. The site also offers news regarding MHA from June up to date.
  • Ministry of Communications and Information
    Mission: To Develop Singapore as a Global City for Information, Communications and the Arts, so as to Build a Creative Economy, Gracious Community and Connected Society with a Singaporean Identity rooted in our Multicultural Heritage. Page offers information and opportunities in the arts including jobs, competitions, festivals, etc. As well as links to different websites regarding the arts.
  • Ministry of Law
    The Ministry of Law is in charge of implementing sound, transparent, and pro-business legal policies. MOL services include: dispute resolution, legal aid, trustee services, intellectual property rights, and land administration. All links available.
  • Ministry of Manpower
    Information regarding employment: employees, workplace relations and standards. Workplace relations and standards; workplace safety and health.
  • Ministry of National Development
    The Mission of MND is to: - Develop world-class infrastructure - Create a vibrant and sustainable living environment - Build rooted and cohesive communities. Site contains information regarding: Business objectives, news and events, MND publications, useful links, and job opportunities.
  • Ministry of Trade and Industry
    Website dealing with Singapore's economy, trade, industries, and enterprise. Our vision is for Singapore to be by 2018: a globalised economy where Singapore is the key node in the global network, linked to all the major economies; a creative and entrepreneurial nation willing to take risks to create fresh businesses and blaze new paths to success; and a diversified economy powered by the twin engines of manufacturing and services, where vibrant Singapore companies complement MNCs, and new startups co-exist with traditional businesses exploiting new and innovative ideas.
  • Ministry of Transport
    Website contains information regarding air, land, and sea transport, as well as notification of serious accidents. It also offers links to transportation publications, Such as the journal "Motivate" and links for career opportunities, and help. The main focus of the ministry is to bring about efficient and cost-effective transportation to enhance our economic competitiveness and quality of life. It strives to make Singapore an international civil aviation and maritime centre for the region.
  • Parliament of Singapore
    Site contains information regarding Parliamentary government system, including laws, and election information. There are several useful links including one that helps you find government leaders in your area.
  • Prime Minister’s Office
    Site offers information regarding the Prime minister, his cabinet, and the duties of this cabinet. Site limited but informative.
  • Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore
    The Maritime and Port authority of Singapore is in charge of overseeing port development, industry and man power development, safety and environment, maritime and port security, and provides circular and notices. Very comprehensive site, including complete PDF documents.


    History, Culture and Religion

    • Asian Civilization Museum
      This site provides overview and information about exhibitions and collections in the Asian Civilization Museum of Singapore.
    • National Arts Council
      This site offers information about performances, art events, both in Singapore and the international scent.
    • National Heritage Board (NHB)
      NHB works to present, preserve and promote the cultural heritage of Singapore. It provides links to museums and other institutions that feature information on the preservation of Asian artifacts.
    • National Museum of Singapore
      Its website provides online information about the museum and the contemporary exhibition information.
      This site provides a database of artworks, news and notes related to public arts in general, and public arts in Singapore in particular.
    • Singapore Arts Museum
      This site provides information about exhibition in the Singapore Arts Museum and overview of collections in the museum.

    Political and Social Issues

    • Asia-Pacific Center for Environment Law (APCEL)
      APCEL is a center to promote the environment law and practice in Singapore and in Southeast Asia region. This website contains annual reports, environment-related-publications, law on environment and information of workshops.
    • Singapore Law Online
      This site provides online legal resources employed in public and private sectors in Singapore.
    • Human Rights Watch
      This website contains news, reports, and publications related to human rights in Singapore.


    • The Business Times
      It offers business news in Singapore and the world news.
    • Channel News Asia
      It contains news and media on Singapore in English, Chinese and Malay.
    • New York Times-World-Asia Pacific
      This website provides online news from the Asia Pacific region.
    • Singapore News
      This site provides the latest news from Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries.
    • The Straits Times
      This is a Singapore-based newspaper, published news on Singapore and Southeast Asia region everyday.
    • Tamil Murasu
      It provides online news on Singapore in Tamil language.
    • Zaobao News
      This site provides daily news on Singapore in Chinese.
    • TODAYonline
      This website provides online international and local news in English.
    • AsiaOne
      This website provides online local and international (Malaysia, Asia, World) news in English. News in Singapore, Malaysia, Asia, and world can be found after connecting to the news link.

    Digital Collections

    Research Institutions

    Travel Information

    • Singapore Tourism
      This site features tour information for destinations in Singapore
    • Lonely Planet, Singapore
      The information of tourist attractions and traveling guides in Singapore can be found in this site.