Thailand: Online Research Resources 

  • Journal of Education, Mahasarakham University
    ournal of Education, Mahasarakham University (JEd, MSU), is an academic journal in the field of education. The journal publishes a variety of academic results, including research articles, thesis articles, book review articles, and review articles.
  • Mon-Khmer Studies
    MON-KHMER STUDIES is the peer-reviewed, publication of record for research in Austroasiatic linguistics. Founded in 1964, the MKS Journal is distributed online under a Creative Commons license. MON-KHMER STUDIES specializes in Austroasiatic (including Mon-Khmer and Munda) linguistics. For fifty years the MKSJ has provided a scholarly forum for high-quality articles relevant to the study of Southeast Asian languages and cultures.
  • San Sirirat
    SIRIRAJ MEDICAL JOURNAL aims to promote communication among researchers in health sciences.
  • SPAFA Journal
    The SPAFA Journal publishes articles and multimedia submissions in the areas of archaeology, visual arts, performing arts and cultural heritage pertinent to Southeast Asia.
  • Wārasān Songkhlā Nakharin
    SJST provides an interdisciplinary platform for the dissemination of current knowledge and advancement in science and technology. Areas covered include Agricultural and Biological Sciences, Biotechnology and Agro-Industry, Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Engineering and Industrial Research, Environmental and Natural Resources, and Physical Sciences and Mathematics.