Thailand: Online Journals 

  • Journal of Education, Mahasarakham University
    ournal of Education, Mahasarakham University (JEd, MSU), is an academic journal in the field of education. The journal publishes a variety of academic results, including research articles, thesis articles, book review articles, and review articles.
  • Mon-Khmer Studies
    MON-KHMER STUDIES is the peer-reviewed, publication of record for research in Austroasiatic linguistics. Founded in 1964, the MKS Journal is distributed online under a Creative Commons license. MON-KHMER STUDIES specializes in Austroasiatic (including Mon-Khmer and Munda) linguistics. For fifty years the MKSJ has provided a scholarly forum for high-quality articles relevant to the study of Southeast Asian languages and cultures.
  • San Sirirat
    SIRIRAJ MEDICAL JOURNAL aims to promote communication among researchers in health sciences.
  • SPAFA Journal
    The SPAFA Journal publishes articles and multimedia submissions in the areas of archaeology, visual arts, performing arts and cultural heritage pertinent to Southeast Asia.
  • Wārasān Songkhlā Nakharin
    SJST provides an interdisciplinary platform for the dissemination of current knowledge and advancement in science and technology. Areas covered include Agricultural and Biological Sciences, Biotechnology and Agro-Industry, Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Engineering and Industrial Research, Environmental and Natural Resources, and Physical Sciences and Mathematics.
  • Watershed
    Watershed: People’s Forum on Ecology is a magazine covering the issues of ecology, means of livelihood and development issues in the Mekong Region. Published three times a year by TERRA since July 1995, Watershed aims to encourage the debate on environmental, social and political issues relating to development in the region.
    Watershed consists of feature articles interviews with local people, nongovernmental organisations and funding institutions; profiles and reports of projects, companies and government policies; and current news and updates of development in the region. Back issues of Watershed are available for download below.